The Meaning of the Bradley and Bradley Real Estate Pheasant

Incorporating the pheasant into our Bradley and Bradley Real Estate logo was both meaningful and symbolic to our team.


When Susie completed her brokerage licensing and decided to open her own agency, she wanted to select a symbol that represented herself, her family, and the beauty of the local Mohawk Valley area.


Susie and her family have a deep-rooted love and appreciation for traveling and experiencing other cultures, countries and customs. After visiting Scotland a few times, one thing that stuck out to Susie was seeing pheasants along the roads, and in fields as they toured the countryside. Upon reminiscing, she fondly remembers the pheasants being beautiful and majestic, with a regal air and presence about them.



Growing up in Trenton Falls as a child, Susie’s family raised turkeys with the purpose of releasing them, to introduce the birds back into the local area. She recalls seeing pheasants in the Trenton Falls area when she was younger. A few years ago, Susie and her husband Joe decided to raise pheasants at their home in Barneveld, and for the last few years, they have released them into the wild, with hopes of repopulating the Mohawk Valley area with pheasants once again. Pheasants crave wide open space to roam free, and our local area is beautifully suited for them.


Ironically, Native American teachings show that the pheasant is symbolic and representative of “teaching people to be open to new experiences, and to be comfortable being around new people,” which also perfectly suits the life of a Realtor!