Moving is always a monumental process!

When purchasing a new home, there are countless factors to consider before making the ultimate decision. Features such as square footage, layout, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, neighborhood, and condition are all important to contemplate as you weight options.

However, one if the most important aspects to take into consideration during the home buying process, regardless if you have school-age children or not, is school districts. The school district category can heavily influence and impact the overall value of your potential new home, and surrounding area.



Why Do School Districts Matter?


·        Location is already the “name of the game” when it comes to real estate, and a highly rated school district can equate to safer neighborhoods, ease of access to public transportation, a variety od restaurant and shopping options, close proximity to major highways and airports, and public amenities such as public parks and services.


·        While the real estate market can rise and fall, school districts serve as a cornerstone for home assessments and symbolize stability.

           Highly rated school districts can raise the overall value and price of a home, and houses that are located in a top school district typically sell quicker when they are listed on the market. Even for those homeowners not looking to move, a superior school district will build long-term equity for your home.


·        For homeowners or buyers that do in fact have school-age children, a first-class school district also means a great education for kids.


·        In a recent survey conducted by, 1 out of 5 home buyers said they would pay 6 to 10 percent above their budget for the right school, and 2 out of 5 said they would give up a garage or a bedroom for a better school.


·        A 2018 study by the National Realtor’s Association found that home values inside top-rated school districts were 49 percent higher than the national median home price.


Deciding on buying a home should include an analysis of the school districts in the local county, even for buyers who don't intend to send children to those schools. Notable schools provide stability for a community, which is beneficial for the property values of all homeowners who lives nearby.


Top School Districts in Oneida County


Our local area has some of the best school districts in the state of New York. According to Niche, the highest rated school districts in Oneida County are:


1.      New Hartford Central School District:

·        Overall Grade: A+

·        Total Schools: 5

·        Students: 2,530

·       “Smaller school district with strong academic offerings. Most teachers are invested in student success.”


2.      Clinton Central School District:

·        Overall Grade: A

·        Total Schools: 3

·        Students: 1,260

·       “Overall, Clinton High School is a very good place to be. Everyone here is very welcoming and is a safe place to be.”


3.     Whitesboro Central School District:

·        Overall Grade: B+

·        Total Schools: 7

·        Students: 3,223

·       “At Whitesboro, teachers really care about your learning experience.”


4.      Sherrill City School District

·        Overall Grade: B+

·        Total Schools: 5

·        Students: 1,965

·       “Sherrill schools take pride in each and every student and are committed to their successes.”


5.      Camden Central School District

·        Overall Grade: B+

·        Total Schools: 5

·        Students: 2,196

·       “Camden is a beautiful community with great sports and academics.”


6.      New York Mills Union Free School District

·        Overall Grade: B+

·        Total Schools: 2

·        Students: 566

·       “New York Mills is a small school district, where teachers have the honor of giving students individualized attention.”


7.      Oriskany Central School District

·        Overall Grade: B

·        Total Schools: 2

·        Students: 598

·       “The school is a very small close-knit culture, and never misses an opportunity to cheer on student achievements.”



8.      Sauquoit Valley Central School District

·        Overall Grade: B

·        Total Schools: 3

·        Students: 1,024

·       “The school offers many AP courses and prepares students for life after high school.”



9.      Westmoreland Central School District

·        Overall Grade: B

·        Total Schools: 3

·        Students: 927

·       “Westmoreland has a truly amazing music and drama department.”



10.  Holland Patent Central School District

·        Overall Grade: B-

·        Total Schools: 4

·        Students: 1,425

·       “The teachers want to students to excel, The town is very homey and everyone in the community knows one another.”