“Baby it’s cold outside!” Turn up your thermostat, curl up with your fuzzy blanket, and wrap your hands around your steaming mug of hot cocoa!

Winter has arrived in Central New York, and we’re here to tell you that this time of year can be JUST as enjoyable as the warmer months. While some might shudder at the thought of shoveling snow, colder temperatures, earlier sunsets, and dressing in layers, winter can be magical and delightful- with a slight mindset shift and a positive perspective.

Many things in life are shaped by our mindset. With seasonal depression at an all time high, it can be easy to allow winter to take the wind out of your sails. However, let’s direct our attention to the quote, “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”

Winter, just like any other challenge, or obstacle we face, can be overcome by viewing the season as something to enjoy, not endure.

Allow yourself to become enamored by the sheer splendor of the season. Central New York is breathtaking beautiful covered in a blanket of pristine white snow. Your home looks enchanting with glistening icicles sparkling in the sunlight, and the smell of kindling and burning embers while you gather around the fire with family and friends will warm your heart and soul.


1.      Get Outside

Have you purchased your seasonal ski pass yet?? To live seasonally and experience all the wonder Central New York has to offer, you’ve got to get outside in ALL four seasons! While you might not be jumping out of your skin to go outside in the colder weather, the trick is to dress appropriately! Fresh air does WONDERS on your overall mood and can lift your spirits immediately.

It’s time to bundle up, grab your hat, gloves and scarf and get outside. Go for a walk, go downhill or cross-country skiing, strap on your snowshoes, or go ice skating on a pond. Take a look around and notice and reflect on how the scenery changes in the winter but most importantly- enjoy the sunshine! Even in colder temperatures, Vitamin D can still be absorbed and is an instant mood changer!


2.      Embrace Koselig

Other Northern cultures around the world embrace winter by celebrating the things you CAN do during the season, as opposed to dwelling on the things you CAN’T. As a near-polar region, Norway experiences winters similar to those of Central New York. The Norwegians, however, get excited when this time of year approaches, and have an old saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” They enjoy their winters by practicing a sense of “koselig” which is the Norwegian word for a “sense of coziness.” Enjoy your winter nights by lighting candles, warming up by the fire, and wrapping yourself in a soft blanket. We all keep saying we want to catch up on our favorite Netflix series- now’s your chance!

Koselig doesn’t just have to mean “Netflix and Chill” however. Winter is the perfect time to bond together with neighbors and other members of the community. After all- we’re all in this together- right? Check out what winter activities or festivities exist in your local community.

Every year in Trenton Falls, the Annual Trenton Falls Winter Solstice bonfire is held. Each year, a beautiful pyre is built by members of the local community, and residents from the area gather around the bonfire, share stories, laughs and warm beverages. Locals look forward to this special tradition year after year.


3.      Warm up with a Hot Beverage

This is the perfect time of year to indulge in those delicious seasonal beverages! Let’s face it- hot cocoa topped with marshmallows doesn’t taste quite as good when it’s 80 degrees out, now does it? Do Peppermint Mocha Lattes feel as special when the holidays aren’t right around the corner? And let’s not pass up the opportunity to enjoy a hot toddy or mulled cider every now and then either!


4.      Reconnect with your Inner Child

Remember how amazing winter was when you were a kid? There was NO better feeling than waking up and realizing you had a snow day from school! Bundling up, building snowmen, snowball fights and sledding down your neighbor’s hill aren’t just activities that are fun when you’re a kid. Give them a try and reconnect to that “magical” feeling of winter. Sure, your cheeks will be rosy by the time you’re finished, but we’re willing to bet you’ll laugh, smile, and enjoy yourself.


By shifting your mindset and embracing winter with open arms, the season really isn’t that bad after all. So next time someone asks, “Why aren’t you suffering from seasonal depression?” your answer can be, “Why would I?”