As the world struggles with how to combat and overcome the coronavirus, many of us are left feeling stressed, anxious, and out of control during this challenging time of uncertainty. While each and every one of us can personally contribute by social distancing and conducting our daily tasks in the safest manner possible, we may still be left feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic.


Bradley and Bradley Real Estate is here to offer some tips on how to stay positive and focus on the things you CAN control, as opposed to the things you CAN’T.


Susie Bradley, the Broker of Bradley and Bradley Real Estate, is also our company’s listing agent, which means she assists sellers in preparing their homes to be placed on the market. Often, she will begin by walking through the home and offering suggestions to the owners on how their home can “show” to potential home buyers in the best possible way.



One of her most frequent suggestions, that makes a significant impact on all homes, is to begin by decluttering. What is clutter? Susie classifies clutter as “anything that no longer adds value to your home.”


Being surrounded by clutter can create a stressful living environment or disrupt the ambiance and energy of your home. You want your home to be welcoming and inviting- not only to guests, but to yourself as well!


Susie shares that sellers are usually SO happy and impressed with the result of their home by the end of the decluttering process, that sometimes they no longer want to move!


Here are Susie’s favorite decluttering tips:

·         Start small- Begin by decluttering for just ONE hour to start- you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

·         Choose one room per day, or one room at a time- don’t burn yourself out!

·         Begin with your front foyer/front hall, since this is the first thing you see as you enter and leave your home.

·         Next move to the kitchen, since it is the Heart of your Home.

·         From there move to your bedroom- this space should be your own personal sanctuary, where you feel calm, happy and can get plenty of restful sleep.

·         Follow up by focusing on the family room, since this is generally a place most of us go to relax at the end of each day.

As you declutter each room and space, and begin to separate your items, place each item into one of four categories:

1.      Keep

2.      Donate

3.      Toss

4.      Garage Sale



Susie then suggest putting the items you are getting rid of into place where you won’t see them so they do not add to your stress- either in the attic, basement or garage, anywhere where they are out of sight.


After decluttering, re-evaluate your space again. Do your rooms need a deep cleaning? A fresh coat of paint? Any touch-ups of any kind? This is a great time to do some projects around the house and turn a negative situation into something positive. After all, life is all about perspective, right?


Make sure you take the time to enjoy results!


Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive!