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Meet Abby Bradley!

Abby is our team’s talented Office Manager, Photographer and Videographer. Abby loved making films at a young age and pursued her passion by achieving a Bachelor’s in Media Study with a concentration in Film Production from The University of Buffalo. Growing up in Barneveld, Abby has always had a deep-rooted love for the Adirondacks and our local area, and upon graduating college, she returned home.

Abby shares, “I like film for its ability to make people feel a certain type of emotion. Whether its horror film or romantic comedy, film has a way to make us feel. I use this same idea with real estate. I understand that selling and buying a house can have the same feeling. Excitement, the unknown- these are all feelings we try to utilize. This is why any kind of film can be interesting to make. A certain shot and the right music can make someone want to make that property their home.”
With her degree in film production, Abby has been able to transform each showing into a multimedia experience. Check out Abby’s photos and virtual tours of our current listings! 

Abby enjoys skiing, hiking, riding the Peloton bike, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.